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Calculating wages is a very important and integral function of any business. Errors – even simple ones – can cost you employee morale in your office. Because payroll processing is at the midpoint where management meets staff, it is explicitly essential to be transparent in order to reduce, if not eliminate, any possible errors. There are many cases where companies tolerate minor errors and have lead to law suits, even worse, the distrust of employees. If you want to keep your company strong, your relations with employees should be strong too. Through efficient payroll processing, this can be achieved.

Express Financial & Insurance Services provides Payroll Processing. This service involves:

  • Strict observation of accurate paydays
  • Employee documentation, benefits and tax filing
  • Payment processing to independent contractors (if any)
  • Voluntary deductions and Employee Loans payment processing
  • Electronic documentation for timesheets, bonus computation, sales commission computation and adjustments as necessary

We can tailor payroll services to the size of your company and the number of employees you have to process wage payments for. Please call our office at (310) 453-5736 to know more about how the Payroll Processing service at Express Financial & Insurance Services can help your company become more efficient in salary disbursement.

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