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As business owners, we understand your situation. As a result, we are in a position to help with paying bills, handling receivables, dealing with the complexities of payroll, and staying abreast of governmental compliance.

Our financial services include G/L Set-up & Maintenance, Accounts Payable Processing, Accounts Receivable/Sales, Reports, Financial Statement Preparation, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll Processing, Tax Reporting-Payroll & Sales, and Personal and Business Tax Preparation. Our experience includes years of successfully working with Billion-dollar Enterprises and government programs implementing measurement matrixes, budgeting, appropriating, and allocating revenue and grants.

With a focus on quality and consistent customer service, Express Financial & Insurance Services is able to offer Tax service to our clientele.

You can expect professional tax preparation, briefing, and assistance.

  • Individual and Small Business Tax Filing Assistance
  • Previous year or fiscal year tax returns
  • Auditing
  • Filing for Tax Identification Numbers
  • State Tax Preparation
  • Documents Processing
  • Internal Revenue Service

The nation’s tax collection agency administers the Internal Revenue Code enacted by Congress.

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