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You can dramatically improve productivity in your business by deputizing accounting functions to Express Financial & Insurance Services. Our services include Account Setup and Maintenance.

Our job is to make sure that all requirements are complied with upon opening, maintaining and -if necessary – closing accounts. When you have our accountants helping you manage your financial resources and the safe keeping thereof, you can be at peace.

Our company has been maintaining accounts for various businesses. We’ve handle multiple accounts for small and large entities. Along the way, we’ve built a network with banks both locally in the state and on a multi-national level. This network enables us to help you manage your accounts and make the most out of bank interests as we entrust them into their vaults for safe keeping.

Never experience the mishap of overdrawing accounts or the common error of mismanaging your existing accounts. Let us help you manage your resources better. At Express Financial & Insurance Services, we have business experts for business owners.

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