Other Insurance in California

At Express Financial & Insurance Services, we serve the community of Santa Monica, CA. Independent insurance agents at our office help residents find a variety of different kinds of insurance, including coverage for their recreational vehicles. If you have an RV, ATV, motorcycle, boat or watercraft, we can help you find coverage for it.

Insuring All Types of Fun Vehicles

Insuring your fun vehicles is just as important as insuring your automobile, although insurance for your ATV, boat or watercraft might not be required by law. No matter what type of vehicle you enjoy spending your free time enjoying, we can help you find coverage for it. If you drive an RV or motorcycle on public roads, we'll make sure your policy at least meets California's minimum insurance requirements. Even if you don't go on public roads we can help you find insurance coverage.

When you contact our office one of our agents will go over the different available coverages with you and help you select which ones you want. A few of the coverages you might be able to choose, depending on the type of insurance you need, include:

  • liability coverage
  • comprehensive and collision coverage
  • personal injury protection
  • Finding Affordable Policies

At our agency, we don't think insuring a recreational vehicle should cost a fortune. We'll do everything we can, including comparing policies from many different insurers in the state, to find you a policy with reasonable premiums. By shopping around, our agents will help you save money on insurance, so you have more funds for your hobby.

If you need a new RV, ATV, motorcycle, or boat/watercraft insurance policy, contact us. You can reach our office by filling out the online form or by calling us on the phone.