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What Are the Different Parts of a Renters Insurance Policy?

If you have just rented a house in Santa Monica, CA, you need to make sure that you have renters insurance. This is a policy that helps you cover against the liability facing your personal belonging in the house.

This type of insurance does not cover the building as that is already covered by the landlord. Express Financial & Insurance Services can help you to understand the different parts of the renters’ insurance policy. 

Personal Property Liability

This part of the renters’ insurance helps you to cover the loss of the personal property facing your building. This will help you to cover stolen items and others that are likely to have been damaged by an electrical fault. Remember that the extent to which the loss of your personal property is covered highly depends on your coverage limits. You will have to cater to the costs exceeding your insurance limit. 

Liability Protection

Besides your personal properties, there are other essential liabilities that are likely to emerge in your house. For example, you might accidentally damage the house. Also, a guest might accidentally get injured while in your house. This part of the renters’ insurance will help you to cover such types of liabilities, especially in situations where you’re directly liable. 

Additional Living Expenses

In some situations, the house you have rented might become uninhabitable. For example, damages to a major structure mean that the house can easily collapse, and you don’t need to be in the house when this happens. Your renters’ insurance will help you in making sure that all the additional living expenses such as hotel bills have been covered. 

Are You Looking for Renters Insurance?

In Santa Monica, CA, Express Financial & Insurance Services is the leading insurance company. We will help you to get renters insurance that will be very effective in covering the liabilities discussed above. Call us today for additional information.