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Tips for Self-Employed Workers Who Need Health Insurance

Whether you run a small business or you are self-employed, you may find the world of health insurance suddenly becomes more complicated. While you may not qualify for group insurance, you still have many healthcare options to choose from.

Express Financial & Insurance Services, serving Santa Monica, CA, understands that health insurance is not a simple subject. If you still have questions about health insurance, these tips will help you find the right policy.

You Can Still Find Essential Coverage

Even if you cannot have group insurance through an employer, you can still find complete coverage. Additionally, you can still not be excluded from getting insurance based on a pre-existing health condition.

Play With Premiums & Deductibles

Are you unsure which insurance option is right for you? Do you have a specific goal in mind regarding how much you want to spend each month on health insurance? You may have a lot of options related to how much you spend each month when you adjust your deductible and coverage options.

Ask About Short-Term Health Plans

Do you plan to work as a contractor for a short period of time? You may benefit from a short-term policy. Ask an insurance agent about different treatment options.

Understand the Marketplace

The healthcare marketplace can be confusing to navigate, but you can get help finding coverage for you and your entire family by speaking with a professional. An insurance agent can provide you with information about insurance policies and your coverage needs.

Each state has different types of health insurance plans, and you can shop for a policy more easily with professional help. If you live in Santa Monica, CA, get in touch with Express Financial & Insurance Services to learn more about your insurance options.