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Packing Strategies in Santa Monica, CA

Packing up for a move is never enjoyable. It can be tedious, back breaking and stressful, as you are literally between places to live. However, there are certain things you can do to make the whole packing process go much more smoothly and allow you to have an easier time getting out of your previous place and into your new one. Below are some of the best packing tips for your upcoming move.


One of the heaviest things you will end up moving outside of large pieces of furniture, will be those books you pack up. So acquire some smaller boxes and pack all of your books into them, so you can not only know which boxes have books and know they will be quite heavy, but you also won’t have random stacks of books weighing down other boxes you are packing.


Masking tape, painters tape or clear tape often isn’t strong enough for boxes. You need to buy tape that won’t rip apart when something heavy is up against it, as a ripped box that spills your contents everywhere is a real problem in the middle of a move. Get some gaffers tape, packing tape or gorilla tape that is some of the strongest on the market to be safe. Also, use at least two strips of tape that overlap on the middle or edge of each box you tape up.


Having insurance on your new home or apartment when you move is important because it ensures you will protected in the event any of your items are damaged or stolen during your move. Contact Express Insurance, who serves the local Santa Monica, California area if you need home insurance or renters insurance before you make the big move.

Staying Safe During A Power Outage

It is important that you stay safe during a power outage. When you live in California, you never know when the power is going to go out. It may be as a result of a storm, earthquake, or something related to the power company. Regardless, there are ways to stay safe.

Create Hot Water

It’s always important to have hot water as it can help you to sanitize dishes, do laundry, and even have purified drinking water. There are many ways for you to heat water, including using an outdoor rocket stove or a solar oven. It can be advantageous to keep several gallons of water on hand so that it can be heated when needed.

Avoid Hunger

As soon as the power goes out, you may lose the food within your refrigerator and freezer. You may also lose the means to heat all of the food. You can avoid hunger easily by stocking your pantry with items that don’t require refrigeration. These are items that are easy to prepare and will need to be cooked. Jerky, peanut butter, granola bars, and even tuna packs can be utilized. You can also have spaghetti, soups, and other items that can be cooked on the grill.

Invest in a Generator

If you find that your power goes out on multiple occasions, it may be wise to invest in a generator. While these can cost several thousand dollars, it can leave you with peace of mind knowing that you have light, heat, and more within your home. It can also help to keep your refrigerator and freezer running so that you don’t have to discard hundreds of dollars’ worth of food every time you lose your power.

Call and talk to an agent at Express Financial & Insurance Services today. We have the means to help you find an affordable homeowner’s policy and stay safe during power outages and more throughout Santa Monica.