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How Does Renters’ Insurance Work?

If your home is a rental, there is an important type of insurance that you should have from the first day you live there. Renters’ insurance is much like homeowners’ insurance, but it doesn’t cover the actual building. The landlord is responsible for insuring that, and renters’ insurance tends to be very low cost. If you need this insurance type, contact us at Express Financial & Insurance Services in Santa Monica, CA.

When Disaster Happens

When some type of disaster or other incident happens to your home, renters’ insurance often kicks in to help you. One of the first things that people worry about is what will happen if their possessions are destroyed or badly damaged. With renters’ insurance, you have protection against that happening. It aids in getting your things replaced so that you can keep up your standard of living even when a catastrophe happens to your home. 

Destroyed Homes

When you live in a rental home that is destroyed by a catastrophe or accident happens, your renters’ insurance will come in to help you to live elsewhere. It will pay for you to move to a different rental and pay your expenses associated with having to move and live without what you had before. It’s a good way to protect yourself just in case the worst should happen to your home. Being without this insurance would be disastrous if a major catastrophe happens.  

Accidents and Sicknesses

If someone should have an accident or become ill inside your home, this insurance will take care of your liability for medical bills. 

Protect Your Home

If you have not protected yourself and your home with renters’ insurance, don’t wait to get it into place. If you have questions about it, contact us at Express Financial & Insurance Services in Santa Monica, CA.