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Why Families Need To Explore Life Insurance

One permanent thing about life is risks, many of which are most often unavoidable. That doesn’t leave us helpless because there is something we can do something about it.

Life insurance is an indispensable tool in protecting a family’s economic welfare if a partner or parent dies. Life insurance is designed to pay loved ones a tax-free single sum death benefit if the insured party dies. The benefit should be sufficient enough to allow them to have a reasonable life free from serious financial worry.

The sum can be used to pay off debts, cover the cost of education, pay for medical expenses, and even pay for a home. Life insurance doesn’t save the life after a breadwinner, but it can save the lives of their dependents.

Life insurance can also protect a business. The death of a business partner may have far reaching effects on a company’s operations, and life insurance can aid the surviving partner in preventing the business from folding. Life insurance can provide the necessary funds that will enable the surviving partner to buy out the deceased partner’s share. Also, the deceased partner’s family will receive full compensation when they sell their share of the company.

There are different life insurance policies, such as universal life, whole life, variable life and index life. Each policy is specific and can be tailored to meet an individual’s family needs. Some are cheaper than others, provide protection for specific risks, while some are more focused on the interval between payment of premiums.

The loss of a family’s breadwinner can have a devastating effect on the surviving family members. Ongoing mortgage and rent repayments, education fees, credit card debt and everyday groceries can quickly balloon into an unbelievably high sum. Even the death of a ‘stay-at-home mom can leave the surviving partner with no option but to employ a housekeeper to provide and care for the children. If you are living in Santa Monica, CA, you need to take advantage of the favorable life insurance policies provided by Express Financial & Insurance Services.

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