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What Do You Need to Know About RV Camping?

Tips for RV camping is your list to check before hitting the road.  What does this have to do with Express Financial & Insurance Services?  Just take a look at the list below.

  • Know the height of your vehicle.  Measure the full height including satellite dish, AC unit or anything else on top of the RV.  Before driving under a bridge take in the height before hitting the gas. You don’t want to clip a bridge — you’ve seen those tragic images on the internet and news shows.
  • Put bungee cords around the awning roller and supports. Cheap bungee cords prevent the wind from making a wreck of it.
  • Have a step ladder. You’ll need one to clean your rig, and strap down the awning.
  • Join an RV club. You will then get helpful tips on every topic, discounts, and resources not available to the rest of the camping world.
  • Leave the entire pantry at home. What’s more expensive buying food, or gas? Buy the food at the last store before you camp. Same thing applies to firewood. Besides if you are roughing it, chances are, there is wood around to use. Keep essential tools and spare parts, but limit yourself to extra fuses, light bulbs, connectors and things unique to your vehicle.
  • Have maps. Know how to read a map, use a compass, and plan your route before taking off.  You don’t need to be in a distracted driving situation.  Have an idea of places to see, where to pull off to for rest, and what kind of weather you should expect during that time of year. 
  • Know how to empty the black and gray tanks, and to put in fresh water. 
  • Fill the propane tank, and understand how to shut it off. You don’t need an explosion.
  • Use cell phones or walkie-talkies when backing up.  It is always better to have someone help guide you into a parking spot at a campsite. Locate the electrical, water and sewage hookups and park appropriately. 
  • DIY citronella or purchased, but make sure you have something to keep the bugs away from you.

Enjoy your time camping, but don’t forget to be prepared and stay safe. Express Financial & Insurance Services will be there should you need us.