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Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

For many people, motorcycle riding offers freedom and excitement on the road. At the same time, it comes with its fair share of risks, especially for new riders. By making safety a priority, motorcycle newbies can enjoy this sport to the full with less risk of accidents. The following tips can be helpful in keeping new riders safe on the road.

Make Wise Bike Choices

Motorcycles vary in power, speed and level of performance. Until you gain more experience, stick with a model you can handle. When buying a new bike, make sure you’re comfortable with how it fits to include ease in mounting and dismounting, handling and control.   

For short commutes, a small bike with a 250-300 cc engine may suffice for a new rider. For highway riding, you may need a bike with a more powerful engine, i.e. 500-750 cc range, to handle speeds comparable to flow of traffic. Choosing a bike with anti-lock brakes gives you greater protection on slippery roads.

Take a Motorcycle Safety Riding Course

One of the best ways for new riders to hone their riding skills is to take a motorcycle riding course. Here you’ll learn valuable safety tips, riding techniques and evasive maneuvers that can protect you on the road. Depending on your insurer, you may even qualify for a discount on your insurance by completing a safety course.

Wear Protective Gear

New riders should invest in protective gear such as motorcycle helmet with visor, gloves, leather jacket with padding, etc., to protect them from injury in the event of an accident. Protective clothing can also safeguard you from the elements, bugs or flying debris when on the road.

Obtain Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is a must to protect your investment. At Express Financial & Insurance Services, we offer personalized motorcycle insurance coverage tailored to your specific need.